The customer journey has long been an integral part of any great marketing strategy, and it’s essential in the exhibition industry too. Exhibition organisers need to understand exactly how the customer journey works for each and every event that they manage, and how best to reap the rewards of an action-packed exhibition that grabs the attention of the industry.

Let’s walk through a typical exhibitor’s journey, and talk about those all-important opportunities that can make or break it. 

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Stage 1: Awareness

When organising an exhibition, you’ve got to hit the ground running. Use PR, search, advertising, email marketing and a standout website to make your voice heard.

Stage 2: Consideration

Once a potential exhibitor is aware of your event, they’ll enter the consideration phase. This is your chance to start to influence their decision-making process.

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Stage 3: The Buying Decision

Pull out all the stops in stage two and your prospect will become a fully fledged exhibitor at your event. Now’s your chance to impress with five-star service, a user-friendly webshop and added extras designed to make their job a breeze.

Stage 4: The Event

The big day is one of the most important phases in the customer journey, and it’s your responsibility as an organiser to make sure everything goes smoothly for all customers. Key opportunities to explore here include digital encounters and face to face relationship building.

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Stage 5: Loyalty

The customer journey doesn’t end as the curtains close on the event. It’s still just beginning. Use the period immediately after your event to cement new bonds and follow-up with exhibitors. Talk to them about success stories, learn what went well and discuss improvements that you might be able to make for next time.  

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to attract and retain exhibitors, but the typical exhibitor customer journey is a great place to start. Narrow down your strategy by exploring buyer personas for your event, and really getting to know the exhibitors you’re looking to attract. Then, it’s just a case of tailoring your activities to their requirements and simplifying their job as much as possible.

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