There is a lot of talk in the industry at the moment about struggling businesses of all shapes and sizes. TEC is committed to leading the industry from a media perspective, and see our responsibility as not only to cover what is going on in the industry and the topics that are brought to light, but also to actively bring to market new initiatives that we feel will be of benefit. 

To this end, having spoken to many businesses over the last few weeks, it is obvious to see that Freelance professionals are finding the going tough. To highlight the brilliance of freelance professionals in our industry, TEC are launching the Freelancer Spotlight Programme which, over the next 12 weeks will see us place the spotlight on Freelance professionals from all over the world. 

If you know any freelance professionals, please encourage them to get in touch with us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will then guide them through the process to get them involved. 

The industry needs to pull together and help each other through this tough period. Freelance professionals and small businesses can take advantage of free ad space on the TEC website during these tough times as we continue to support the industry try to deal with the Corona Virus as best we can. #EventfreelanceSTARS