Bossa Brazil is an international "Promotions Agency" specialised in travel & tourism, marketing, PR, events and promotions in general, all with the passion, flair and style you’d expect from our Brazilian roots.

When Bossa Brazil began in 1997, we set out to promote Brazilian culture within Europe and the UK, through a range of festivals and events. Our passion for Brazil quickly exceeded our original scope, and we began promoting Brazil as a destination; a nation with a diverse culture, style and people.

Between 2008 and 2011, we were joined by new partners, helping us to evolve into an international agency, offering our services in the UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Argentina and, of course, Brazil. We can offer our clients a full range of services in some of the most dynamic and economic countries in the world, with a background in the travel and tourism, promotion and music industries.

In fact, all of our international partners previously worked for the Tourist Offices in their respective countries, giving them the background and track record we are known for, and the flair that we embody in all of our projects.

We are the official organisers of the London Bossa Nova Festival, the Brazilian Music Festival and the Taste of Brazil Gastronomy Festival, and we organise a wide range of corporate events for our clients too.

Why Bossa? Well, it means to do things with instinctive, innate charm and natural flair – and that’s how we work. Bossa as a term has a rich history, once referring to any new trend or fashion within the artistic beach-culture of late 1950's Rio de Janeiro, before evolving to become the name for Brazil’s new music style, Bossa-Nova, a lively fusion of samba and jazz. We bring flair, charm and, most importantly, passion to the services we provide our clients. That’s why we’re "Bossa” Brazil.